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Karen Conrad

BUNDLE 3: 60 Days of Purpose & Promise of Purpose

BUNDLE 3: 60 Days of Purpose & Promise of Purpose

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Bundle Includes:

  • The Promise of Purpose book
  • 60 Day of Purpose Devotional book
  • Matching Journal
  • Declarations to speak over your life
  • Promise of Purpose Bookmark
  • The Promise of Purpose Mug

In 60 Days of Purpose, entrepreneur and business consultant Karen Conrad helps you unearth the raw gifts and talents that God has placed within, offering practical guidance for building a more fruitful, purposeful life. The insightful, quick-read entries, inspired from Karen’s book The Promise of Purpose, will encourage you to…

  • Break free of the fears that keep you from fulfilling your dreams
  • Be present in each moment
  • Shape your future around your purpose
  • Identify and break through obstacles to your potential
  • See the greatness that God sees in you
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