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Karen Conrad

Fast Track Your Business Idea USB

Fast Track Your Business Idea USB

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Quick and to the point, this mini-course will take you from an initial idea to the launch of your business. Karen Conrad has worked in the business and nonprofit fields for more than 30 years. In that time, she has started businesses, coached businesses to success and helped countless people bring their Vision to Reality. In these 6 short lessons you will see how to take the actions needed to see your own vision become a successful, thriving business reality.

Track 1: What business idea has God given you?

Track 2: Why does your business exist?

Track 3: Who is your customer?

Track 4: How to develop a strategy.

Track 5: What is the value of branding, messaging and social media?

Track 6: Where do you go from here?


USB includes 6 Teaching Videos and Powerpoint.

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