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Karen Conrad

The Promise of Purpose Audio Book

The Promise of Purpose Audio Book

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God has a personal and unique purpose for your life. It is powerful, meaningful, exciting, and deeply fulfilling. He wants you to have it all-happiness and success!

Discovering your purpose is easier than you think. Entrepreneur and business consult Karen Conrad is passionate about helping others bring vision to reality. She will encourage you to recognize the gifts, talents, and grace God has already deposited in you and how He’s been preparing you all along.

In The Promise of Purpose, Karen shares strategies for how you can…

  • Find direction for life decisions
  • Walk out your dreams on a biblical foundation
  • Eliminate fear that hinders dreaming big
  • Identify and break through glass ceilings
  • Walk in blessings that are yours in Christ

You aren’t meant to be just one of the crowd. You were designed to stand out and influence the world around you.

The time is now. Unlock your purpose and step boldly into your destiny!

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