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Karen Conrad

The Value of Women in Business Webinar Notes

The Value of Women in Business Webinar Notes

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 The key is to know what we are called to do in this season. Involve God in setting priorities. Be the woman He has created you to be. Trust Him for success.

Throughout my 35+ years in business I have worked with a wide variety of teams. I have had both men and women as bosses and I have led teams of both men and women. Each configuration had the dynamics that worked well in those circumstances as I believe in hiring the right person for the job, and seeking God’s wisdom in all team situations. I have a strong desire in my heart to encourage, equip and help women explore their God-given gifts and talents to become exactly what the Lord has designed them to be. My expertise is in business and I want to share my wisdom and experience to help other women learn and grow in their purpose.

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